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Well I sure do…. now that is! Let me tell you how it started. My best friends and I decided to drive into the city and have ourselves a nice girl’s day. SoHo is one of my favorite parts of New York City it’s not as chaotic as Time Square. Everyone has their own unique look and style and I just love the vibe of it. So, we decided to drive into SoHo and see what was going on for the day. There’s this new dope place called Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer that I’ve seen pictures of all over my Instagram feed. They make these sick shakes that will give you a huge sugar rush or stomach ache. But the enjoyment of it and that cool pic to post on Instagram makes up for it. Of course, my sweet tooth was saying I need to go to this place and order a shake. When I looked up the address I was a little confused, it turns out they have five spots in New York. One in SoHo on Broome street, and underneath it they have Black Tap Down (where we went). There’s another near midtown on 55th street, the meatpacking on 14th street, and they just opened LES on-Ludlow street. My GPS took us to Black Tap Down and boy do I love NYC parking. We circled around the place a couple of times looking for parking. But God is good and found us a spot on the street. When we arrived at Black Tap there were already lines, one alongside the place, and another around the corner. At first I was like great were going to be here all day. But the line moved very quickly, it took us no longer than 5-15 minutes to be seated.

Once we walked down stairs already I was loving the vibe. Before you go down the steps you will see there’s a sign that says, “Black Tap Down” and art work on the sides. Of course, I had to snap a pic for snapchat.


We were seated at this cute little booth and they had a separate menu for shakes. Make sure you look at the crazy shakes those are the ones you must go for. The menu had 8 shakes to choose from. My friend Amanda got The Cookie Shake, Shannon got The Cake Shake (they put an actual piece of cake on the shake!!!) and I got the Cotton Candy shake. Don’t ask me why my friend Alana ordered a salad but surprisingly the salad looked just as good.

The Cookie Shake is a vanilla cookie shake where they spread vanilla frosting around the rim with cookie crumbles (YUM!!). To top it all off chocolate chips, whipped cream and chocolate syrup are added for a beautiful finish.


The Cake Shake is a cake batter shake and they spread vanilla frosting on the rim with rainbow sprinkles. There fantastic topping is a funfetti cake added with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top.


My beautiful shake was the Cotton Candy strawberry shake and they also spread vanilla frosting on the rim with blue, pink & pearl chocolates. To top it all off they added a huge pink lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream & cotton candy.

We all agreed we were in a sugar coma after we finished our shakes. But it was so worth it! The shakes were out of this world, and it was only 15$ I was expecting it to be more with the amount of detail they put into it. If you haven’t been to this place yet you need to go like right now. There are 5 spots you can go to in New York make a reservation do what you have to do. But you need to try this once in your life it’s a must!!!

Your new sweet tooth customer,



{Pictures of our actual shakes and me and my girls}



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