Welcome to My Humble Abode!

Yes, I will admit I am that twenty-one-year-old still living at home. Therefore, welcome to my room the place that I do my makeup & hair in, get dressed in, sleep, breathe, relax, study, blog, basically I do everything in here! What I really want to show you guys are the reasons why I love my room so much.


My room is small and I wouldn’t want it any other size to be honest I feel it’s perfect the way it is. My weird phobias/ fears are large rooms because I watch a lot of scary movies were serial killers hide in someone’s bedroom. Therefore, I am not comfortable sleeping alone in a big bedroom. Don’t read this and think I’m weird because I know there are plenty of you who can relate.

Anyway, let me show you around! When you first walk into the right you will see my dresser, T.V. clock, jewelry organizer, and a bunch of other stuff. The wall mount jewelry organizer is one of my favorite purchases that I made on amazon. My jewelry was getting tangled and cluttered so it was time to buy another jewelry stand. As I’m searching on amazon I came upon the Rbenxia Wall Mount Heart Shape Jewelry Organizer and I thought to myself this is so cute. Usually I have my jewelry hanging on a stand but maybe the wall is a better idea so I decided to order it. This only cost me 9.98$ it’s super cheap and it holds all my jewelry perfectly. It also blends in great with my wall and I love the heart shape.



I love Pinterest it was the best thing ever created I find everything I’m looking for & more. So, I want to show you guys my creation of bringing an image on Pinterest brought to life. Which is my makeup and hair station!!! My room is way to small to fit a vanity I refused to have it in my closet, nor did I want it in the guest room, there was just no space for it. But I needed something to hold all my makeup products and brushes. So, a lightbulb popped in my head and told me to go on Pinterest. As I’m scrolling I find what I call a genius who built there own vanity. But this one was different they put shelves in the wall, set up a cute mirror, and chair and that was it! Super easy to put together thanks to my handy man I like to call grandpa. Literally didn’t do one thing besides set up my makeup LOL. But my grandpa measured my bed to the wall and got the perfect size shelves, light bulbs, and mirror. It was extremely under price of what a vanity usually costs. The chair on the other hand was a lot more money but I got it on amazon for a reasonable price.


Next is my closet! There’s everything in my closet my clothes, shoes, pocket books, backpacks, hats, and more. My clothes have to be color coordinated and my hangers have to be white or clear to match the theme of my room. If you didn’t pick it up already you can tell I am OCD and everything has to be perfect. My room will never be messy or unorganized. The only exception for it ever being messy is during finals week or when I’m extremely busy. But even then I keep it clean so, it is very rare to have my room a wreck.


Being that I have so many shoes I did not want them cluttered on the floor. So, my grandma gave me her shoe racks and had my grandpa install them. My shoes are also categorized if you couldn’t tell. My hoe heels & wedges are on the top rack, the second rack are my summer shoes. Such as my boat shoes, sandals, Steve maddens, Michael Kors, & flats. The third rack are all my sneakers, and the last rack are all my flip flops. Every season I switch the racks I have a lot more shoes in the attic but like I said I’m OCD I hate clutter!



Well that concludes the tour! Decor & DIY is a secret passion of mine (which now I just shared) I’m not that good at it but I would like to improve. When I get my apartment or house one day hopefully at that point I’ll be a pro. But for now thanks for coming & I hope you all liked my tiny room that I love so much.

Stay gorjess,




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