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Hey guys! So, as you all know I am very new to the blogging world and I recently contacted another fabulous blogger named Alex. She runs a blog called Tropic Trends and I loved everything about it. It has that summer vibe, chic look which is so dope. She talks about everything I’m interested in such as beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Turns out were both studying media, communications & journalism which is another reason why I had to reach out to her. Once I contacted her she was so sweet! She gave me tips and advice on how to run a successful blog. On top of that she asked if I would be interested in doing a collaboration with her. Which is why I’m here writing this blog post. We decided we were going to try beauty products that we’ve never tried before. Alex uses Tarte which I’ve never tried and I use Urban decay hybrid complexion perfector which she has never tried. We wanted to try these products out and share with all of you about them! Cool, right? Well, I think so! SO, keep reading!!

I decided I was going to order my Tarte products online but if you didn’t want to do that I believe ULTA does carry Tarte cosmetics. Alex recommended the Shape Tape Contour Concealer which was perfect because I was looking to try a new concealer. The Shape Tape Contour Concealer came to 25$. Another product I purchased from tarte was limited-edition man-eater makeover lash & lip set. The set was only 17$ which I thought was great for all the stuff they give you. At the end of my order they gave me a free deep dive cleansing gel packet which was awesome! The total all together including tax was 45.62$.

My package arrived very quickly and it came in this cute box with red kiss lips all over it.


Once I opened the box I loved how it says, “Why choose between beauty that works & beauty that’s healthy? Rethink Natural.” Especially the 20% off coupon they gave me that says “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Tarte is a cosmetic brand that uses high-performance naturals such as plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and others.


What I really, really, REALLY love is how Tarte is cruelty-free they don’t test any of their products on animals. They even have a cute cartoon of a bunny that says, “cruelty free” on the concealer box.


Now that I had all my makeup essentials it was time to try them out! The Shape Tape Contour Concealer is now my favorite and new go to concealer. Everything about it I loved it really gave that nice contour look. The set was also a new favorite, I applied the mascara on first before I applied the false eyelash extensions. Once I put the false eyelashes on I couldn’t believe how long they were (it was wild!). What I probably shouldn’t have done was put mascara on the false lashes. But I fixed them by cutting them a little bit so they weren’t hitting my eyebrows. The lipstick they gave in the set was more of a glossy lipstick which I’m a huge fan of. The shade matched my skin complexion perfectly and it lasted throughout the whole day.


To finish it all off I decided to try Urban Decay’s All Day All night travel duo. It’s a setting spray that’s supposed to brighten and smooth your skin. The reason why I got the travel duo was just in case I didn’t like it I didn’t want to be stuck with a full bottle. But I know urban decay wouldn’t let me down, I absolutely love these two settings sprays. It smells so good if you don’t like the beachy summer smell this is not for you. But I on the other hand love the smell, and it hydrated my skin so well. What I’ve learned from setting sprays is you must purchase the right one even if it’s expensive. Originally, I thought oh it’s just a spray it doesn’t matter, get something cheap if you need a hydrator. But I was completely wrong! When I purchased a cheap setting spray it was horrible and there is a BIG difference. The setting sprays are a little pricey the travel duo is $19. But I think it’s worth it because it does hydrate your skin and keeps your makeup well put together throughout the day & night.


Completed Look:

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Just wanted to say thank you to Alex! Not only did I try what is now my favorite makeup brand Tarte. But I was able to do my first collaboration with someone who is an awesome blogger, and enjoys glamming up as much as I do! If you haven’t done so already you need to follow this Gorgeous Australian’s blog » «  and click on her social media sites to keep up with her!



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