Diy Wedding Anniversary Gift Basket

Today is my Grandparents 40th Anniversary how crazy is that? They grew up together as kids, dated at the age of twelve to 17. Once their high school careers were coming to an end, my grandpa decided to make it official and put a ring on it. Honestly their love story deserves to be in a Nicholas Sparks novel. But lucky for me there my grandparents so I’m the one that gets to share their story. Bring out the tissue box!!!

My grandpa is one year older than my grandma so once my grandpa graduated from high school he enlisted in the army. My grandma would send him care packages, and letters all the time. My grandma was still in high school finishing her last year but she decided to double up her classes and finish early. Once my grandpa came home on a 3 day leave from Missouri he decided he was going to propose to my grandma!

My grandpa owned an old chevy nova, it was a small old fashion car and they were on their way to Sizzler’s (which is a restaurant). My grandpa spelt out “Will You Marry Me?” with sticky letters and glued them on the glove compartment. My grandma didn’t even see the sign don’t ask me how she missed it but she did! My grandpa then asked my grandma if she could get something out of the glove compartment. She opens the compartment and there it was a small box with a beautiful diamond ring that was worth around 300 dollars!

They had such a beautiful wedding all their family and close friends were there. My grandma looked stunning & my grandpa was one handsome groom.

My grandparents had to move to Germany because that’s where the army was sending him. At 18 years, old they were newlyweds moving to another country (crazy)! At 18 I could barely make my own breakfast. But they always share so many hilarious stories and good times they had in Germany. So, even though the move was probably scary at first it was worth it. Cool part of it all was how my grandma got pregnant and had my mom there. Being that she had my mom at a US army base hospital. My mom received her German citizenship and her American citizenship.

Once my grandpa could leave the army at 21 my grandparents were purchasing their first home in the U.S which they still own today!! After my grandma got pregnant with my aunt which completed their family tree (plus me and my little sister we just weren’t a thought yet).20638248_2326159367610250_8802194013709970448_n

My grandparents are everything to me! They do so much for my family and myself where I have no idea what I would do without them. My mom was 16 years old when she had me and 21 when she had my baby sister so my grandparents helped raise us. Being that they do so much I wanted to get them something special for their anniversary. They are selfless people and would kill me if I bought them anything over 100$ so I decided to make them a cute meaningful gift basket.

Marshall’s is my go to store I always find what I’m looking for and more! The prices are very affordable. So, of course I found everything I needed.

These are my essential items:

  1. Brown basket $10
  2. “Home is a beautiful place to be” wall sign $5
  3. Mason jars $3.98 each
  4. Picture frame $5.99
  5. Creme Brulee almonds $4.99
  6. Lucy’s Gluten Free Snack ‘n Go Packs Chocolate Chip $4.99
  7. Funkychunky Chip Zel Pop $5


My grandparents have to watch what they eat because my grandpa has diabetes and my grandma has bad reflux. But being that it’s their anniversary they should enjoy some sweets. My grandpa loves pretzels, almonds, and my grandma loves chocolate chip cookies. So, I thought these three snack groups were perfect.

The Crème Brulee almonds are gluten free, vegetarian, with no preservatives. Lucy’s Gluten Free Snack ‘n Go Packs Chocolate chip are obviously gluten free. It is certified vegan, no peanuts, has natural and Non-GMO ingredients. There cookies are free of milk, egg, peanut, almond, hazelnut and walnut traces. The Funkychunky Chip Zel is made with natural ingredients, and the popcorn is non-gmo.

Next step was to put the Crème Brulee almonds, and the Funkychunky Chip Zel Pop in the mason jars. Of course, I tried both and it was so good I’m most likely going to buy a bag for myself.

After I took the cookie packs out of the cookie box so there was enough room in the basket. 20613999_2324284407797746_1022874992_n

The basket was coming together very nicely but I wanted to put a picture of them in the picture frame. So, I went onto CVS’s webpage and ordered a picture to print out which only cost 23 cents. After my picture was developed I picked it up from the store and put the picture in the frame. Lastly, I had left over clear wrap, string, and shredded string to put in the basket.


TADA! Completed anniversary gift basket for the best grandparents a girl could ever have.

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Hope you both have a beautiful day full of Love & Sunshine! Thank you for being a picture perfect image and showing me the true meaning of Love♥


Your granddaughter,


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    August 6, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    So lovely!! <3 xx

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    August 6, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Aww that is such a sweet gift basket you made them! I loved all the pictures you shared 😊💚 great post!

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