Diy Engagement Gift

Another Love story post! I love writing these especially this is someone I’ve had a close relationship with since I came out of the womb. She is someone I look up to and love very much. That someone is my beautiful Aunt and I am so happy to announce she is engaged to her wonderful fiance Charles!!! Basically, I consider myself as there child they never wanted. Whenever I’m bored I’ll just show up to there house, I’ll tag along on trips, and vacations. You can say things haven’t changed since I was 5 years old trying to hang out in my aunt’s room with all her teenage friends. But sadly for her proposal, I had to sit this one out (wasn’t invited anyway). November 7th, 2017 was the night Charles decided to propose to my aunt. The way he did it was so romantic they went to Blue Fin’s for dinner in New York City. After they saw Aladdin on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre. To end a perfect night he proposed at the top of the Empire State Building.

Words can’t describe my excitement for these two!! So for this Christmas, I wanted to make them a DIY engagement gift.

I ordered a white folding box from Amazon I thought it would be nice for them to have so they can use it for storage or to keep their wedding album in.








Next, I got Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler’s from Joannes craft store you can also order this on Amazon but it was easier for me to go to the store and get it. (I used 3 bags to fill up the box.)


Then I ordered Bride and Groom koozies and a Mr. & Mrs. wine bag to hold their wine bottle.


Wine Bottle

My aunt loves elephants and she says its good luck when the elephant’s trunk is up so I found a cute glass white elephant on Amazon that holds rings.


Lastly, I ordered Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right shot glasses. They have a bar in their house and I thought it would be a nice collection to add to their other shot glasses.


Completed DIY Engagement Gift (I was able to perfectly close the box and wrap it in wrapping paper)


BIG Congrats to my Aunt Jennifer and soon to be Uncle Charlie I hope you both enjoy this time being engaged and I can’t wait for the wedding I love you both ♥

Love Always,

Your niece



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