California Paradise

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks trying to get my life together before I graduate college. But before this exciting accomplishment, I was fortunate enough to travel to California in March. It’s been quite a struggle being back on Long Island since there are barely any happy faces in sight. Let’s just say I haven’t been more depressed & miserable since the day my family had to have a sit-down conversation with me about how Santa Claus wasn’t real. That had to be the worst day of my 12-year-old life (yes I said 12 my mother was great at lying). Back to California which I refer to as Paradise, it was incredible! Who would have thought I would fall in love with a state other than New York! (sorry NY your still my fave). There was soo much to see this state is HUGE!!! So, what I’m going to talk to you guys about is everything I did on my itinerary list & I did everything!!

I flew to LA first and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hollywood Walk Of Fame for three nights. Everything was super close to my hotel the Hollywood walk of fame was about 5 minutes from the hotel. The first day was a little rough because of the time difference. Especially my flight was at 5:45 in the morning and to go from New York to California takes about 5 – 6 hours. So, when we landed it was 8:45 a.m. California time but in New York, it would have been 11:45 a.m. That extra three hours definitely got the best of me.

My best friend is living in Santa Rosa for the year so she decided to fly to me and experience LA. The first day we went to Venice beach and Santa Monica Pier both gorgeous beaches. This was super convenient because the beaches are 5 minutes from LAX airport.

Later that night we decided to go to Good Times at Davey Wayne’s this place was so dope! When you first arrive you feel like you just went in a time machine back to the 70’s era. There’s an outside garage something you would see on That 70’s Show and to get inside you have to open a refrigerator. There were so many hidden rooms but the place was pretty crowded since it was a Friday night. We weren’t able to walk around everywhere but just to be there was pretty cool. Also, we read online it says to get there at nine to miss the long wait which we did. As soon as we left around one in the morning there was a long wait outside.



The next day was my best friends birthday and we booked a tour guide to the Hollywood sign. Highly recommend booking a tour guide because it takes about three hours to get all the way to the top of the sign. Also, people live near it so there’s a lot of private properties and spots you cannot walk near. Other than that it was just more fun and interesting doing it with a guide. Especially we weren’t alone we were with other people. My friend booked our tour through Airbnb website.

Later that night we got ready for our dinner reservations at SUR for those who are big Vanderpump Rules fans like me! Will know it is a must to book reservations at SUR & PUMP. These are two separate restaurants owned by Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Vanderpump. Both restaurants interior design were incredible I felt like royalty at SUR and then at PUMP you had that outdoor’s indoors vibe which was so chic. PUMP was right down the block from SUR but that we attended the next day for brunch.

We also went to the urban lights and Rodeo Drive Both spots located in Beverly Hills. The high light of the night was when a tour bus drove past us at Rodeo Drive and he said: “And these are the rich people in their natural habitat.” Little did they know I had 25 cents in my chase account and I was wearing a 20$ dress from Forever 21.

The third day we went to Down Town LA basically were all the LA kids hang out. There are so many murals where tourists like myself like to post up and take cool pics. We went to the pink wall and Made in LA. Note to self if any of you decide to go to the pink wall your not allowed to take pictures with a professional camera but of course, I broke that rule (oops). After we were done taking pics there was the cutest farmers market on one of the streets. Which of course I wanted to buy literally everything!! But we decided to try pink matter rose water. This was amazing but as soon as I read it was a detox water I knew I was going to have to pee within seconds (which I was right).


Before my best friend flew home we went to OUE Skyspace UNBELIEVABLE PLACE honestly I really have no words for it besides you need to buy freaking tickets and go check this place out. The whole building itself was just outstanding they have a glass slide that hangs off the rooftop of the tower. Let’s just say I blacked out I have no idea what happened when I went down the slide.

There were a couple of things that we did in LA that I left out. Honestly, it’s an experience you have to go out and do. Research everything before you go, pick what you want to mainly see because you won’t see it all. Thanks to my wonderful grandparents this trip was my graduation present for completing my Bachelor’s degree. So they decided to come along and give me the big tour of California since this was my first time. Stay tuned for my next post of Malibu, San Francisco, and lastly the wineries in Napa Valley.

Stay gorjess



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