What up Brooklyn!

BKLYN the new Manhattan? Or even better?! Who’s to say but I must say a couple of months ago I had one fun experience. Me and my best friend had tickets to go to the Dream Machine a pop up located in BK.

Honestly, I live for these pop-up events! Even though there temporary I still enjoy seeing the art and creativity that are put into it. Which is exactly what the dream machine brought a lot of creativity and a fun environment.

Once you enter the dream machine there are clouds everywhere as if you are living your dream.

IMG_3698 IMG_3700

The next room got a little slippery as we entered a room full of bubbles. The cool part about these bubbles once they popped fog-like clouds appeared in the air.





The next room was an all-time favorite of mine a dope laundry room that served cotton candy! Who doesn’t love cotton candy?



My second favorite room is what I like to call the Drake Hall. This Hall reminded me of Drake’s music video from Hotline Bling. The neon lights were crazy!

IMG_3725 IMG_3723 IMG_3724






The exit is so cute before you leave when you look up above it says in lights “It was all a dream.” Once you exit you share your dreams on the chalkboard.

IMG_3785  IMG_3803


Of course, I didn’t share my dreams just wrote my name hehe


Successful pop up for sure I know they turned this pop up into the Nightmare Machine for the whole month of October. Maybe they will turn this cool pop up into something for the holidays.

Stay tuned & Stay Gorjess!








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