Hey, again it’s me your NYC gal here to inform you all on another exciting pop up that will be open till January 6th, 2019 located right in the big apple! And that pop up is Candytopia wooohoooo!! Who doesn’t love candy?!

I had the opportunity to experience this pop up in September and it was so much fun. Of course, I love Instagram worthy spots and this place had plenty of rooms that were Instagram worthy.

There were buckets of overloaded Candy in each room for people to take.


Not going to lie this was definitely more of a place for families and kids. But hello who doesn’t want to be a kid forever I know I do! So, of course, I enjoyed myself to the fullest!!


The best part was the angled cameras that were provided in some of the rooms that took great quality action shots. All you do is type in your email address and the camera takes the picture for you and then it automatically sends to your email. Here below are the pictures that we used and it’s “FREE”, great quality I must say!






The tickets are 34$ for adults and 26$ for kids ages (4-12) a little pricey but it was definitely a cool experience to go to with whoever you want. Highly recommend checking this pop up out it was one sweet time!

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Yours truly,


Stay Gorjess



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