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Hey guys! As you all know I love NYC and I am always commuting in to experience new pop-ups, restaurants, ect. Last week I had the opportunity to experience new delicious desserts and many of you have been asking where so I am going to give you the locations for both.

First, stop The Lodge by Urbanspace right in Bryant Park next to the ice skating rink. It was really crowded but inside they have cute little food shops and a bar.



The Hot Chocolate Chimney Cones you can find at The Stackery Which is the first shop on the left once you walk in The Lodge by Urbanspace. Unfortunately, because it was crowded at The Stackery we had to wait on line outside and then proceed inside. But it was only a 10-minute wait.



Next, stop Amorino Gelato this was actually unplanned and was founded on our way back to Penn Station. But it was this cute little Gelato shop where they design the gelato’s beautifully into flower shapes. What I love the most about this place is they use organic eggs and all their flavors are 100% vegan.


Hope you guys check out these two sweet spots and enjoy them just as much as I did =)

Stay Gorjess


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