Bali Body

Hey Beach Babes,

I wanted to introduce one of my favorite and now only self-tanner products called “Bali Body

What I love the most about these products is it actually WORKS!

And no I am not talking about the orange looking cheap self-tanning products. It really lives up to the hype! When used properly you truly look like you just came back from a week vacation in Aruba. It is AMAZING!

Although I am all for a real nice tan. I’ve come to realize my hours spent tanning in the sun cannot be good for my skin. Which is why if I want a nice tan look I use Bali Body. What’s great about these products is the ingredients are all-natural and vegan-friendly.

The three products I’ve used so far are

  1. Self Tanning Mousse + Luxe Tanning Mitt
  2. Gradual Tan Moisturizer
  3. Face Tan Water

I highly recommend all three! Just in one day you instantly see results.


Gradual Tan


Face Tan Water


Self Tanning Mousse + Luxe Tanning Mitt


Stay Golden & Gorjess


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