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I am all about clean makeup products! I use to just buy makeup products and never read the ingredients. But I’m telling you there really is a big difference. Whatever you put on your skin it absorbs into your body. So if the product you use contains harmful ingredients those ingredients can make their way into your body and blood system.

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post I’ve been suffering from a couple of health complications. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and tested positive for autoimmune disease. When I graduated from college my health went downhill fast. I don’t know if this is your body saying “congrats on entering adulthood we are going to make everything even more difficult for you” or karma for eating like crap and drinking like a sailor. Either way, it really has held me back but I am determined to become healthier and stronger than ever!

Where did I begin? If I was going to fix the internal issues I was going to do the same externally. So, I threw out all my toxic makeup and I have switched over completely to Vegan Products!

Ere Perez is one of my favorite makeup brands they are 100% vegan and clean. Their makeup is super light and really provides that natural look.

My go-to products are the Australian blue cypress face nectar and the quinoa water foundation (haze). The Australian blue cypress I love to use right before I put on my makeup it really refreshes your face leaving your skin glowing. And the quinoa water foundation is the perfect tone and super light for my skin to breathe.



Keep that skin healthy & Glowing!

Stay Gorjess




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